Supply and Fit – Feature Case Study

Published: 12th April 2008

CASE STUDY: Weslo Housing Management, Scotland

Permadoor Case StudyManaging and maintaining more than 2,100 properties across East Central Scotland, Weslo Housing Management appointed Permadoor last year as part of a rolling stock improvement programme. Having already completed the replacement of more than 300 timber doors with more secure, thermally efficient and low maintenance GRP doors, Permadoor has now been reappointed to deliver additional improvements to more than 150 properties.

Mike Mitchell, technical manager, Weslo Housing Management, said: “From our own experience we know that GRP is a very durable product and is more thermally efficient than the timber doors the new products from Permadoor are replacing. “Given the extremity of the weather the old timber doors frequently warped were often draughty and required regular maintenance. “The GRP product from Permadoor performs much better – something that we expect to have a positive impact on our maintenance budgets.”

Weslo is making improvements to its stock under the umbrella of the Scottish Housing Quality Standard 2015., the Scottish version of the Decent Homes Programme south of the border. The registered social landlord (RSL) opted to concentrate its programme on the external envelope of the building in the first instance. Mike explains: “The condition of the kitchens and bathrooms of our housing stock are by and large pretty good so it made sense to concentrate on the external envelope and the condition of doors and windows first to deliver improved weather tightness. The investment in GRP doors is being made as part of this drive to make homes more, weather tight, warmer and more secure.”

Permadoor, as highlighted, was reappointed to the project following the successful delivery of the initial phase of the replacement programme. The company’s comprehensive support, product supply and delivery programme playing an important part the award of a new contract. Mike said: “The service we have had from Permadoor has been excellent pre and post-installation. The fitting team was superb, delivering not just a quality job but building an excellent relationship with tenants, something that is exceptionally important in making the project a success. The figures speak for themselves, of all the tenant feedback forms that we received each and every one report 100 per cent satisfaction with the service they received and the quality of the product, something that from our perspective speaks volumes.”

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